Disinfectant Antiviral

Antibacterial Ecological Wipes

Safe inside buildings, vehicles and even directly on hands

Internationally tested and proven effective against 99.9%
of bacteria and viruses including COVID19
European standard for virus disinfection including COVID-19 This European standard confirms the product is antiviral.

This European standard applies to areas and situations where disinfection is medically indicated.
European standard for disinfection of various bacteria in food environment This European standard confirms the product is antibacterial.

This certification applies to products that are used in  food preparation, hospitality, industrial, domestic and institutional areas.
International standard for human coronavirus This international standard is used for the evaluation of antimicrobial products designed for use on hard, nonporous surfaces.

 ASTM standards have been adopted in many U.S federal, state, and municipal government regulations.

EPA approved

Powered by Naturama G3 A-5 EPA USA Listed #SW-53
The EPA has approved the disinfectant materials as ecological and is processing approval as disinfectant.

No special handling, packing or shipping precautions needed.
VioGreen wipes are manufactured in Israel from these raw materials shipped from the USA.
HS Code
Bucket – 400 pcs
Spunlace fabric 35g 20×20 / 20×17
6 buckets per carton
32 carton per pallet
192 buckets per pallet
Bucket weight 2.750kg
Carton weight 17.350kg
Pallet weight 570kg (including pallet)
Carton size: H 240mm x L 655mm x W 450mm
Canister – 180 pcs
Spunlace fabric 35g 20×20
8 Canisters per carton
70 carton per pallet
560 Canisters per pallet
Canister dimensions 17cmX10.5cm
Canister weight 1.0kg
Carton weight 8.5kg
Pallet weight 607kg
Carton dimensions H 270mm L 488mm W 250mm.
Flowpack – 60 wipes
Spunlace fabric 40g 20×17
24 packs per carton
70 carton per pallet
1680 packs per pallet
Flowpack dimensions 250x100x50mm
Carton weight 7.7kg
Pallet weight 560kg
Sachet (1 wipe)
Spunlace fabric 40gr 15×18
Sachet size – 9x6cm
1000 Sachets per carton
42 cartons per pallet
42,000 Sachets per pallet
Carton dimensions 396x296x158mm
Pallet weight 570kg

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